Everyday yamas and niyamas – Tapas


Kedgeree – the detox food par excellence

I’m on my umpteenth detox. It is obviously an ayurvedic detox as during the years of my own experience and observation of my clients it has proved its efficacy.

Detox for me is an excellent way of reminding me to practice tapas, “self-discipline”. God knows how I fail in this on a daily basis. Caught up between different jobs and my child it is easy to slip, look for an easy solution for relaxation (Wine… me…? Yes, please) or giving that morning yoga practice a miss (the warm and soft bed in the morning is just a hint more attractive than my yoga mat).

Tapas, self-discipline, is a way of kindling internal fire to burn away negativities. An ayurvedic detox is a way to burn away toxins form the body that have a negative impact both on the body and the mind. Committing to a detox program really is tapas. I could say detox is a kind of practice in my yoga path as well. To practice yoga you need to have discipline and commitment. It all ties up together well.

The important part of going on something you need more power of mind than usual is to have a right attitude towards it. If renouncing on, say, your holy trinity (mine is blue cheese, walnuts and onion chutney) is going to be a too much of a struggle you will find yourself craving, stressing and failing. A correct mindset will help in the moments of temptation and make them even less frequent.

I remember when I tried to lose weight for all the wrong reasons all I could do is obsess about food. The stress I created made it even harder to lose fat and of course I failed. Failure lead to lower self-esteem and that to binge eating. Once self-loathing became overpowering I had to start on another diet. And here the circle completed itself.

Once you set your mind to it, do it for the right reasons, have faith, patience and confidence you will have good results. Discipline becomes a way of self-development, a great challenge to reach a higher state of consciousness.