Pulling oil

photo-1One of the most interesting and certainly most exotic sounding routine to integrate in our daily life is oil pulling, an ancient ayurvedic practice of detoxing. By this we mean gargling our mouths with a high quality oil for 10 to 20 minutes at one time. This method is increasing in popularity because new research is showing its efficiency. Every magazine, blog and health related publication is talking about it and so are we. This is because it really works. I can’t stop praising this practice and it has, yet again, proved it is the best way to heal my gums.

Oil pulling is excellent for the health of your teeth and gums. It is a marvel against sensitive teeth as oil, especially sesame oil, pacifies the nerves and reduces pain and sensitivity. Being antibacterial sesame oil reduces plaque and pulls toxins from the mouth. This wonderful quality also works really well on gum disease, like I can personally prove now. I had a naughty trigger happy dentist doing a cowboy’s job in my mouth. Never mind… (I took him to court but he is still practicing). Anyway, amongst other things I am left with a reoccurring gum infection. But, this is not my undoing as I have my dear sesame oil at hand: the best weapon ever towards oral bacteria and plaque.

Two days ago the infection started again and in two days I’m in the clear again. I usually pull oil two to three times a week. Now I increased the frequency to every evening and every morning. The result always impresses me. In two days the problem is solved. I’m so excited I just can’t stop writing about it in a public blog!!!

Wishing you all gum disease colleagues a life of healthy gums!

Life – Light – Love


Buckwheat flat bread with spinach and ricotta filling

I’ve really been enjoying making flat bread from buckwheat flour. It is a great alternative to white flour and yeasted bread. To make the dough it only takes two minutes and it is very easy to work with. I’ve been using it as a wrap or a crepe, stuffed it with whatever the season provides. These wraps are a great addition to the lunch box menu and, in fact, my three year old loves them for their playfulness. She rolls them into easy to pack and eat rolls and I never find any leftovers.  photo

I usually fry the bread in ghee or coconut oil, which are the only fats that do not turn bad when heated. Sometimes I don’t use fat at all and bake them dry.

This recipe is just one of the variations and is my great favourite. I love pasta with spinach and ricotta cheese. Here is a friendlier version for the slow spring digestion.  Although ricotta cheese is not the best option for this season I find it necessary as it smoothens down the pungency of spinach. Also a little chilli makes dairy much easier to digest. I might also add a bit of parmesan cheese to the mix.


100g buckwheat flour

¼ tsp salt

12 tbs water

ghee or coconut oil for frying



Ghee for frying

1 clove of garlic


1 big bag of spinach

½ tub of ricotta cheese

Himalayan rock salt


Grated Parmesan cheese


Work the dough into flat circles depending on the size of your baking pan. Add ghee or coconut oil in the pan and fry on both sides until golden brown.

In another pan fry the garlic and chilli lightly in ghee and add the spinach. Cook until soft and then add the ricotta cheese. Savour with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Enjoy together with the flat bread.


Cruelty Free Milk soon in our shop – call for pre-orders

Greetings cruelty-free dairy friends! HappyCow

I am writing to you as we are creating a highly exciting collaboration with Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF). Supported by celebrities like Brian May and Chrissie Hynde, they are a company that has made the solemn vow of not committing violence towards any of their cows that produce milk. These beautiful animals living in Kent are producing the purest dairy products we can have in UK and the wonderful news for us is that we will be selling them directly from our shop! You can come and buy or pre-order the dairy products that serve your purpose from the following selection (subject to availability):

  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • Plain Yoghurt
  • Halloumi
  • Paneer
  • Soft cheese
  • Hard cheese

This milk is the most animal-friendly that you can get. It has been pasteurized but not homogenized and, because in ayurveda tradition milk should always be boiled and not consumed raw, we find no contradiction in this kind of processing. Without being homogenised (when cream sets on the surface) the milk still conserves its natural state and molecular structure, and this really is the true milk of nature.

Because of the high level of care and love these cows receive, Ahimsa milk vibrates at a higher energetic level and comes closer to what in yoga we call sattvic milk – the milk that has the capacity to elevate your state of mind. If you are a dairy lover, your taste buds will be satisfied because of the great taste, but you will also feel happier because you know the dairy was obtained without violence, addition of hormones, antibiotics, bleach or any other additives.

So, all of you conscious dairy consumers, do get in touch and make your orders by contacting us on email at info@jivitaaurveda.com. The delivery day to the shop will be Saturday mornings and if you want to ensure you can collect products by Wednesday 28th May.

P.S. The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation collaborates with a farm in Kent. However, ADF have recently found a farm in Leicester to raise the cows using even more traditional ways than at the organic dairy farm of Commonwork.  If you feel this cause is close to your heart, please sponsor their endeavours by making a donation or sponsor a single cow which you can choose from their website.


Pukka Herbs Sensory Event

photo 4

Wholistic herbs

Our main supplier of herbs is truly on a mission to get the word out there to let everyone – not only the aficionados of ayurveda – know how herbs can be of massive benefit when it comes to improving our health and wellbeing. I, a practitioner of ayurveda, am well aware of the power of herbs and use this particular brand in my practice because the products are certified organic, ethically sourced from small producers and are also a local brand, which is important when I source products for my retail space.

photo 3

Herb garden

I went to a PR launch event in Shoreditch where the revamped selection of their herbal products was presented in a fashion that would easily win over anyone’s mind to the enchanting world of herbs. There was a garden for fresh herbs to taste, teas to try (and I must say that these new entries in their selection rock), a chat with the founders of Pukka Herbs, a mocktail bar of herbal superfoods and a super calming and energizing session at the same time of gong therapy. It’s certainly a clever way to get the mind to relax after a full day of work and receive all the information about the new products.

photo 2

Mocktail bar

I must say am very intrigued by their new “wholistic herbs”. I was presented with cinnamon and turmeric – a taste of each was quite mind-blowing. Pukka Herbs has worked to develop a very concentrated form of a single herb, not by singling out an active ingredient (for example extracting curcumin out of turmeric) but making a concentration out of a liquid herbal decoction, an alcoholic herbal infusion and an infusion of the specific herb in CO2. The result is powerful. I tasted a cinnamon that was ten times stronger in taste than the normal. They have then created ranges to suit our everyday needs for prevention and healing: products to sustain our “get up and go”, Digestives, Vitalisers, for Female health, for Moods and for Cleansing. Compared to the earlier Pukka Herbs selection I think this new branding provides an easier way to navigate through different herbal products giving direct information on the action of different herbs.

photo 5

Pukka Herbs owners Time and Sebastian

I keep a stock of loose herbs by Pukka, which I prescribe on the spot for clients who come for a health consultation as this is the way I work with individuals who come to me for specific health issues. When you have an ad hoc need of a supplement of quality and safety, you will soon find a selection of the new wholistic range in our shop.