Oh So London visit

We had lovely Lucy McGuire from Oh So London website visiting us. The visit was followed  by a lovely article on us in this website which you can read here.

During her visit she made this little video clip of me talking about spiritual healing. Come in and watch it here.

Cruelty Free Milk soon in our shop – call for pre-orders

Greetings cruelty-free dairy friends! HappyCow

I am writing to you as we are creating a highly exciting collaboration with Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF). Supported by celebrities like Brian May and Chrissie Hynde, they are a company that has made the solemn vow of not committing violence towards any of their cows that produce milk. These beautiful animals living in Kent are producing the purest dairy products we can have in UK and the wonderful news for us is that we will be selling them directly from our shop! You can come and buy or pre-order the dairy products that serve your purpose from the following selection (subject to availability):

  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • Plain Yoghurt
  • Halloumi
  • Paneer
  • Soft cheese
  • Hard cheese

This milk is the most animal-friendly that you can get. It has been pasteurized but not homogenized and, because in ayurveda tradition milk should always be boiled and not consumed raw, we find no contradiction in this kind of processing. Without being homogenised (when cream sets on the surface) the milk still conserves its natural state and molecular structure, and this really is the true milk of nature.

Because of the high level of care and love these cows receive, Ahimsa milk vibrates at a higher energetic level and comes closer to what in yoga we call sattvic milk – the milk that has the capacity to elevate your state of mind. If you are a dairy lover, your taste buds will be satisfied because of the great taste, but you will also feel happier because you know the dairy was obtained without violence, addition of hormones, antibiotics, bleach or any other additives.

So, all of you conscious dairy consumers, do get in touch and make your orders by contacting us on email at info@jivitaaurveda.com. The delivery day to the shop will be Saturday mornings and if you want to ensure you can collect products by Wednesday 28th May.

P.S. The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation collaborates with a farm in Kent. However, ADF have recently found a farm in Leicester to raise the cows using even more traditional ways than at the organic dairy farm of Commonwork.  If you feel this cause is close to your heart, please sponsor their endeavours by making a donation or sponsor a single cow which you can choose from their website.


Rules for sensible eating

sheknowsHave you ever noticed that after finishing a plate of food you actually didn’t taste much of what you ate? Did it go down with such speed and volume that the only thing to stop you eating more was the stomach stretching to levels that started hurting? Yes, I’ve done that too. Many times. What used to happen after hurrying back home from work with an empty stomach is not something I want to share here, but my point is that when stressed, you make wrong decisions. This is the number one rule of sensible eating: you should be relaxed when you start your meal.

What and how you eat is incredibly important and often how is even more important than what. Even the healthiest foods can become toxic if you eat them in a wrong way, be that too much, too fast or eaten in a wrong combination. If you have a plateful of raw spinach that you firstly don’t want to eat because it has no salt or butter on it, your salivary glands don’t excrete enough saliva. Your digestive power goes down when you have no appetite for what’s on your plate. Then, the enzymes in your stomach do not work well because you haven’t secreted enough saliva, and whatever happens thereafter in your gut is not something to brag about (but it has something to do with toxins). So this then is rule number two of sensible eating: make sure your food is appetising.

You also have to make sure you have understood if your need to eat is because you are actually hungry and not just because you have an appetite. Rule number three consists of making sure you don’t eat before you’ve digested your previous meal. There is however (& hooray), a trick you can try to test this. When you get a craving have half a glass of warm water. If this makes you burp, you have not fully digested yet and should wait until the previous meal has left the bottom of your stomach.

These are a few helpful practical tips for your everyday life. If you are interested in knowing more, come for a health consultation at our centre. When you book, remember to mention this article and you’ll get a 15% discount on your first session, or if you prefer to book online, simply use the promocode “toxinfree”.

Moroccan Natural Cleansing

african_soap_lavender_250mlWe have a new product line in the shop for sale and we are so very excited about these. This line of products for cleansing the body and hair are completely natural without any addition of chemicals.

  • We have Rhassoul clay, which really is without rivals for face and body mask. It can also used to wash your hair leaving a wonderful feeling of softness and volume
  • The Rhassoul Wonder Bar is made of clay and oils and is a wonderful alternative to soap. In fact we think it’s even better as your skin is left squeaky clean after use
  • African Black Soap has really blown our minds as shampoo. Many say they don’t even need a conditioner after. Excellent especially for African hair