17th September 2013

“The treatments at Jivita Ayurveda are excellent, these types of treatments revolutionised me the concept of body balance. The treatment goes to the main cause of what is affecting us and explains how our body works, its nature, metabolism and so on. Ayurveda indeed has cured my long lasting illnesses which were ruining my life. It really has been a life changing experience and now l can say ”l got my life back” thanks to this wonderful system of medicine.

I would like to add one very important fact that Anu is a living example of a natural healer so truthful to herself and truthful to her patients. Thank you so very much Anu.”

Mauricio Giraldo


12th November 2012

“The first time I entered Jivita I didn’t know I was embarking on a new pathway. I had been thinking about starting a detox diet for sometime and then, out of a sudden, I saw a “Ayurveda Detox” sign outside Jivita. I entered the shop and booked an health consultation with Anu straightway.

Shortly after my consultation I’ve done the enema treatment, which was the best kick-start. Since then it has been easy to keep a balance and healthy diet, still allowing myself everything I want! I am not very disciplined and have always struggled to maintain a new routine.

However, with Anu’s advice, recipes and incentive, I have been managing to keep on track and be more aware and understand my body. I feel more present, satisfied and have tons more energy. I have also follow Anu’s advice and have been pampering myself.

I know Jivita is not the cheapest option out there, but after my experience I can vow that it is THE BEST treatment I have ever received. And this for me is priceless. Since I met Anu my life has changed, subtly but so intensively! I sincerely recommend Jivita!

Jivita Ayurveda for me is a temple in which one takes refuge form the hectic London life.”

Carolina Dias


22 May 2013

“Jivita Ayurveda is a treat. It is a treat for the body and the senses and the massages are deeply healing.

The knowledge of Ayuveda medicine is the best you will experience outside India and possibly even better than in their many tourist-type holiday clinics.”

Diana Grace-Jones