Jivita Ayurveda Treatments

Our treatment menu includes the whole range of traditional ayurvedic treatments and a selection of luxurious Ila treatments for the body and mind. Deluxe massages, body scrubs and mud wraps guarantee a blissful and healing experience with long lasting effects.
Massage and Body Treatments

Our highly skilled therapists use therapeutic massages to release pain and tension or detoxify our bodies. Our relaxing therapies calm the nervous system while our body wraps and scrubs act as a facial for the whole body, leaving the skin feeling velvety and soft. All treatments use traditional ayurvedic techniques with a touch of modern flair. They leave both your body and mind invigorated and nourished with increased energy to face life’s challenges.
Facials and beauty Treatments

We've made special efforts with the quality of our beauty treatments. Most products used are 100% organic and our facials have systematic health benefits by stimulating energy points reflecting on the whole body.
Health consultations, Detox and packages

Ayurveda is very effective in resolving chronic, long lasting conditions like IBS and skin conditions. Checking diet and lifestyle, or detoxing can heal persistent disorders for good. This often requires a series of treatments for which we design individualised treatment packages.