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Oh boy, we are getting closer and closer to the climax of vata! As we know, every season during the year is related to a specific dosha. By the end of that season or time period, the characteristics of the associated dosha increase. So, for example, summer, the pitta period, is at its hottest in August. However, spring, the kapha time, that we are moving towards right now, is wettest at the end of May. Our current period of autumn and early winter are times when qualities of dry, cold and light are felt in abundance. Therefore we feel these qualities on our skin, in our sleep, in our gut activity and so on.

Qualities During the Vata Period

These qualities irritate the nerves and mess with the activity in our brain, meaning our nervous system is clearly under attack. Here’s a list of seasonal disorders you might be feeling right now:

  • Runny nose: Light, watery mucous and lots of sneezing by irritation of mucous lining by cold.

  • Insomnia and/or anxiety due to all the above-mentioned qualities creating restlessness and worry.

  • Constipation caused by dehydration in the gut.

  • Cold hands and feet: Tension created by cold sensations.

  • Increased blood pressure: Cold induced tension.

  • Increased urination: Increased blood pressure.

  • Dehydration: Increased tension by cold leading to increased urination.

  • Increased sensation of pain: Hypersensitive nerves.

  • Dry lips and skin, cracked nails, dry hair, dandruff: Dehydration as per above.

What can we do to alleviate these issues?

What to do is relatively simple. Enjoy the opposite qualities of wet, heavy and warm. Therefore avoid anything cold, including drinks and food. Make sure you have a routine in your days and that you rest more than usual. Also take a nap after lunch if you can.

  • Keep warm, especially lower back and kidney area.

  • Sip hot water throughout the day.

  • Avoid raw and cold foods.

  • Eat warm cooked food with plenty of healthy fats and a good amount of natural salt.

  • Use mild spices, avoid chilli.

  • Make sure you are warm when you go to bed. If your bedding is cold, take a hot water bottle, place it on your heart or tummy. Put on woolly socks, long johns and whatever you have to keep you warm.

  • If you catch cold, make sure you warm up immediately when you get a chance. A warm bath, or even sitting next to a radiator will work.

  • Drink a hot herbal tea or even better, have a drink of Chyawanprash jam in a hot milk of your choice, both dairy or plant based milks are good.

  • Avoid extremes, don’t push your limits now but take it easy and hold on to the middle path for a month or so now. Otherwise you’ll enter springtime congested and cold and risk the load of seasonal disorder from spring as well.

So, remember to take it easy in these final winter months, and enjoy the entrance to spring in perfect balance. Also book an appointment if you would like some support and guidance in balancing any seasonal disorders. Click this link:

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