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Compared to strong cleanses lasting from 10 – 30 days, daily and seasonal routines promoting regular waste removal are much less onerous than trying to resolve chronic health issues that developed as a result of undisciplined and irregular diet and lifestyle.


This book will hopefully inspire you to try pace your daily and seasonal rhythms in a way that additional detox programs become almost redundant. Ayurvedic living is detoxifying per se and if you haven’t experienced it yet, learn from this book and create a new detox program for yourself that not only cleanses you but teaches you habits of a lifetime. 

There is a natural way of cleansing the body, a natural detox we should go through once a day and once a year. Natural detoxing happens on a daily and seasonal basis. Removing waste is necessary and therefore it is an inbuilt activity marked by our genes. It happens effortlessly, given we do the things we were meant to do, by nature. Right choices around our diet and lifestyle allow daily and seasonal cleansing happen naturally and effortlessly.  It requires, however, some discipline around our daily and seasonal routines. 

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Anu’s approach is based on ancient ways of living in synchrony with nature, modernised without compromising tradition. She is focused particularly on how to discover and harness the body’s ability to self-heal, recover and thrive. Through her writings and teachings she aims to explain how to engage feelings and harness intuition from the bodymind to navigate safely between the often contradictory and confusing advice on nutrition. Anu is keen on reminding that having strong health and lasting wellbeing is not a quest for perfect performance. It is the ability to be able to perform at our best level most of the time, freeing ourselves from guilt during occasional deviations from the golden path.

Anu Paavola, founder Jivita Ayurveda

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