Residential Panchakarma – ME and Burnout – Case study

Analysis 47-year-old female with underlying Chronic Fatigue, acute BurnOut, Excess Weight, Skin problems, Lymphatic Congestion, Lump in the breast Location: Wraxall Yard, Dorset, Jivita Ayurveda 12-day Panchakarma Retreat Read the full case study here Ayurvedically speaking, ME can be diagnosed a tridoshic imbalance where the body has lost its intelligence of self-regulation, i.e. ability to…

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Panchakarma Experience – Parkinson’s – Kampavata

Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox Experience at Jivita Ayurveda This Panchakarma detox program went on in the summer of 2022. The client went on for 14 days of cleansing in our clinic in Kensal Rise.Β  Here is his inspiring narrative on the ability of Ayurveda to promote self-regulation or biomechanic healing, an empowering experience at everyone’s reach.Β …

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