The palms of our hands reflect to our heart. We basically carry our heart in our hands.

I have carried out body treatments for 12 years without major interruptions. What I have learned, having tried different techniques that both do and do not involve touch, is that there is nothing more healing than the touch of loving kindness by hands.

Recently I have come to think about the power and meaning of touch having had some health issues and injuries with my hands. (They all come in groups!) Not being able to massage with my hands, I have had to massage with my arms and elbows with a “no-hands” technique that I fortunately discovered. Out of fear and desperation of not being able to do my work, I brought out the big guns of Ayurveda and managed to heal myself from arthritis, tendonitis, two burns and bruises. I now have my hands back in the game.

I always hated my hands. As a young woman I wanted to hide them because they looked old, full of wrinkles. One autumn, maybe 2007, I went for a yoga retreat in Italy and met someone who looked my hands and said:” you’ve got two lifelines! Whatever happens to you, you always have a second chance!”. It does feel like I’ve been given a second chance now.

Thanks for everyone who received my no-hands-arm-elbow massage, I actually discovered a new amazing technique. Still, coming back to my good old routines, I realise how powerful it is to touch another human body with hands.

The palms of our hands reflect to our heart.  We basically carry our heart in our hands. This is why hands-on massage is so powerful and this is why it feels so lovely to hold hands with the ones you love, and awkward with the ones you don’t.

We touch each other too little. In fact, touch is often considered to be either of a sexual nature or aggression. The touch of loving kindness is the one that has no requests for returns. It is a touch that heals, the one that transmits an energy. It delivers unconditional love. This is what a healing massage is. Transmission of kindness with an intention to create safety and comfort for the body and mind to relax and start healing.

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