200h Ayurvedic Therapist Training

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This is a state of the art 200h accredited ayurvedic therapy program which will give you not only practical skills but a coherent framework and practical methodology of studying and understanding Ayurveda.

Our aim is to deliver ayurvedic knowledge of therapeutics in a cohesive whole. Based on our skills in education we have included both theoretical and practical applications in a balanced way so that our students leave the course fully competent and confident to start their practice as ayurvedic therapists. In addition to being qualified for ayurvedic treatments, the students will be able to translate this knowledge into their own daily lives.

What is more special in this course is that we take the students through a journey of energy healing because ultimately ayurvedic treatments are about helping the vital energy, or prana, to flow in a harmonious way. The syllabus aims at raising therapists vibrational energy and translating it into healing therapy.

What makes our course special?

  • High ratio of practical to theoretical training
  • In-depth study of self-regulation through autonomic nervous system control
  • Emphasis on pranic  currents and moving prana by connecting and familiarising with the vital energy through hands-on techniques
  • Deep immersion into ayurvedic practice as lifestyle medicine
  • Detailed practical information on application of Ayurveda in modern life
  • Opportunity to do case studies in our clinic
  • Opportunity to enrol with APA – Ayurvedic Professional’s Association as “APA Accredited Ayurvedic Body Therapist (Category E)”*
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses available
  • Rated as one of the best massages in London by Time Out Magazine
  • Can be integrated in the program with Diet and Lifestyle Consultants

How much does it cost?

  from £1800

Classes Mondays and Tuesdays
Location: 89 Chamberlayne Road, Kensal Rise, London NW10 3ND
Student certificate Jivita Ayurveda Kensal Rise

Frequently Asked Questions

Full payment at enrollment £250 discount

Payments in installments can be agreed with Jivita Academy.

Unrefundable deposit of £500 is payable at enrolment. 

Jivita method treatments are considered applied ayurvedic therapies which lift the ancient techniques on to the level expected by modern western clients.  In line with the ancient tradition, Jivita method focuses on energy healing and also on integrating certain remedial techniques that help the body to open up and release harmful patterns set in tissues.  Jivita method is at the same time unique and traditional and has been listed by Time Out as one of the best massages offered in London. 

Anyone with interest in learning a new skill and who has A-level education can join our course. Those who wish to practice as therapists with an insurance and required to complete Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology training. 

Students need to attend all classes and in case they miss a class they need to schedule an additional class that takes place before the next week takes place. There is a charge for these classes. Please read T&Cs. 

Towards the end of the program students need to start practicing on their own and create case studies of 20 clients. Once completed, each student is assessed separately in a massage session.

The students will also take a final practical and online assessment to prove their competence. 

You will receive by email some administrative documents to sign and a list of reading and other relevant information in preparation for the start

Student reviews

“I have taken 3 month 200 hours Ayurvedic Therapist Intensive Course by Anu, Jivita Academy in 2018 and certified as an Ayurvedic body therapist. I truly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in Ayurveda not only for the reason to become a

therapist but also to achieve a holistic happy healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned Ayurvedic philosophy, anatomy and philosophy and herbs and nutritions as well as Ayurvedic massages including energy healing and medicated oil making with Anu. The course is well structured as theories in morning and massage practices in afternoon. And each students will complete 20 case studies, discuss during the course and make journal, which is challenging but very practical and inspirational. The course is made to a small group of students so that we can all participate fully and interact.

And I must say… overall it is so much fun learning with Anu !”

– Mikiyo Joice

The 3 month Ayurveda therapist training was probably one of the most life changing courses I’ve done, I highly recommend it. I joined with the expectation just to understand a bit more about Ayurveda theory and therapies and was actually not that interested the massage element. Wow, I can’t describe how much I ended up loving the massage! The power of touch in a therapeutic and energetic sense is something that I really enjoyed doing and also knowing how much it has helped my friends and family to relax and benefit through reducing stress, aches and pain or just having a time to being pampered.

The course is academic but hugely practical too, I learnt so much about the body and the mind and their interwoven, interconnectedness. The course taught so much over a short period with a lot of focus on food, digestion, circadian rhythms and sleep, natural herbs and remedies, etc. all taught through the lens of the qualities and attributes of the three doshas. There was also a lot of focus on the external environment through understanding the seasons, local and fresh produce and herbs, all taught through Anu’s wonderfully passionate and compassionate voice. The course was as much academic as it was practical and fun. Thank you to Anu for providing such a welcoming environment, high quality training and not making the group size too big.

Finally, who is the course for? I would say the course is for those with a general interest in Ayurveda, as well as those wanting to become Ayurveda therapists, but I would also say that this course should be for anyone who wants to learn how to live a life full of vitality and longevity. It gave me great insight into my own health, wellbeing and mindset as well as a greater understanding of those around me through using the philosophy of the doshas. I have since applied many of the practical tips of Ayurveda to adapt my own life. It’s been a breath of fresh air and a wonderful start to my new journey.

– Diana Maiara-Kiande

About Your Teacher

Anu is the founder of Jivita Academy of Ayurveda and author of Ayurveda Detox: How To Cleanse, Balance and Revitalise Your Body.

She has been involved in education in Finland already when studying in the university of Helsinki in the Nineties. The real passion for teaching was inspired by her turn of career from language studies to Ayurveda. 

Trained in clinical Ayurveda, Anu released soon that to get results with clients they needed fundamental education on basic healthy living. Ayurveda is mainly about self-care and most of the times clients need help in understanding what is in their power to do.

Two main courses are offered by the academy at the moment: a 200h intensive training for therapists and a 200h certified online program for Ayurvedic Nutritionists.

Her passion in education is also visible in client work. Anu is passionate about translating ancient wisdom of healing into modern context. She empowers her clients to take charge of their own health by increasing awareness in nutrition based on their individual needs. Incorporating her twenty years of practice and teaching of yoga Anu’s approach to healing is almost unique to anywhere in London or the UK.

Anu Paavola, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Get the Ayurveda Detox book

How To Cleanse, Balance and Revitalise Your Body

Ayurveda Detox Book Anu Paavola

Your course leader Anu is the author of Ayurveda Detox:  How To Cleanse, Balance and Revitalise Your Body, available from Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwell’s. 

Her book will inspire you to try pace your daily and seasonal rhythms in a way that additional detox programs become almost redundant. Ayurvedic living is detoxifying per se and if you haven’t experienced it yet, learn from this book and create a new detox program for yourself that not only cleanses you but teaches you habits of a lifetime. 

Find out more about Anu’s Ayurveda Detox book.

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