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We serve freshly made seasonal juices, popular mixtures, single juices and most excitingly custom made detox juice packages for your specific needs. Come by, grab your favourites, treat your bodymind with fantastic flavours and incredible nutrient contents. We use fruits and vegetables of the season in addition to herbs, spices, seeds and nuts.


There’s one word that defines Ayurvedic living above all: seasonality, and it applies to all that you do, eat and drink. That’s why we offer juices that match exactly what your body and mind might need within the annual change of seasons. We create our menu items by studying each item’s dynamics of interaction with the bodymind to create optimal health and wellbeing. 

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There is a reason why plants grow at any specific time or location. They provide the vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that are necessary within the changing seasons. For example, chlorophyl is important in spring as it helps, for example to adjust to the increasing amount of sunlight. If you follow a seasonal diet and practice small intermittent fasting, you can be worriless about meeting your nutritional needs and enjoy life at its fullest. 


Foods that grows in season is the superfood par excellence, because they corresponds to our body’s metabolic needs. In spring we need to decongest and lose weight. In summer we need cooling. In autumn and winter we need to bulk up a bit. Enjoy juices of the season and you are providing your body exactly with what it needs. 

Seasonal fresh foods are also the best source of prana, the vital force of nature. The energy is found in the electrically charged structured water within cells. The fresher the fruit, the more charged, the higher the prana. Seasonality is powerful!  

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As for fasting, juicing is a fantastic way of doing it. In Ayurveda, we recommend evening fasting and occasional days without solids. Substituting your supper with a juice is a great way to let your body rest and detoxify during the night. If you are a late eater, then breakfast should be skipped or substituted with juice after an hour or two from waking up.

If you are a seasoned faster you can go for a two or three days only on juices. If not, seasonal small intermittent fasting is fantastic in developing your fasting muscle and getting your body the nutrients needed. The result is high energy, wholesome detoxification and a rejuvenated resilient bodymind.

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