Hand on my heart confession

I have carried out body treatments for 12 years without major interruptions. What I have learned, having tried different techniques that both do and do not involve touch, is that there is nothing more healing than the touch of loving kindness by hands.Recently I have come to think about the power … [Read more...] about Hand on my heart confession

Anxiety: seasonal disorder

https://youtu.be/ciH1cnD7bG4 Now that we’ve transitioned to the new season, we are facing a new set of environmental pressure by the qualities of the climate. These are mainly dry, cold and light. These qualities irritate the nerves. Dryness affects our mucous lining and provokes sneezing fits … [Read more...] about Anxiety: seasonal disorder

Seasonal Cravings and Aversions

It feels like on yesterday are just enjoying our last summer days in Kensal; a heavy damp heat which, for certain, is over now and we’re heading towards the cold, ethereal winds of the autumn. The weather expresses change but, in my ayurvedic opinion, the more interesting side of the seasonal … [Read more...] about Seasonal Cravings and Aversions


Everything is allowed in Ayurveda - Even Mushrooms Truth be told, Ayurveda does not say no to any food items that are in the seasonaL, organic and local list. Nevertheless, I find endless reels, memes and writings about how you should not have mushrooms, peanuts, tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes, … [Read more...] about EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED IN AYURVEDA – EVEN MUSHROOMS


Hunger… is not pain it comes in waves is a sign of increasing digestive power, or agni One of the biggest achievements in my life, as a survivor of bulimia, has been to become comfortable with a feeling of hunger. Having spent my early adulthood surrounded by a media that promotes constant … [Read more...] about HUNGER

Ayurvedic Match Making

Ayurvedic Match Making   Have you ever wondered which body types go together well in a relationship? Match making is quite an intriguing topic when you consider all the qualities that are at play between the dosha types. Infinite scenarios pop into my imagination of opposites attracting or … [Read more...] about Ayurvedic Match Making

Warm and Heavy Comforts

Warm and Heavy Comforts   Autumn is the season of withdrawal. It makes you want to put warm slippers on and enjoy a warm cuppa on the couch. After a long period of growth and production in spring and summer, nature is preparing to rest and gather strength for the growth season ahead in … [Read more...] about Warm and Heavy Comforts

Autumnal Cravings and Aversions

Autumnal Cravings and Aversions   Last night it rained heavily. The sun showed his face in the morning but, nevertheless, it was cold and damp. Autumn has broken the summer’s neck. It felt like on Tuesday we enjoyed our last summery day in Kensal; a heavy damp heat which, for certain, is … [Read more...] about Autumnal Cravings and Aversions

Green Magic – The Power of Chlorophyll

Green Magic - The power of chlorophyll The spring has turned into summer. We know this because the leaves in the trees have grown into full size.  Who would have thought we experience three seasons during the lockdown? The start of the lockdown coincided with the start of the annual growth season. … [Read more...] about Green Magic – The Power of Chlorophyll

Social Isolation Time

Social Isolation Time   From an Ayurvedic perspective having a strong routine and a framework around which conduct our lives increases our tolerance levels and resilience. A solidly structured life decreases reactivity and reduces the incidence of losing control. But what if the … [Read more...] about Social Isolation Time

Ayurvedic Thoughts on Global Warming

Ayurvedic Thoughts on Global Warming The climate change is real, most of us agree on that. Even many of the so-called deniers admit that the change is happening, although they may not agree on what or who has caused it. Nevertheless, the warming of our planet is a reality and we can observe it … [Read more...] about Ayurvedic Thoughts on Global Warming

The Two Best Ayurvedic Energy Hacks

Ayurveda offers a nice range of daily routines to make the best of our lives. Some of these are known to everyone like adequate sleep or brushing the teeth. Some recommended daily routines seem quite exotic like gargling oil. Others, at first impression, seem even toxic like inhaling herbal … [Read more...] about The Two Best Ayurvedic Energy Hacks

Super soup

My sister was very excited about a soup with leeks and asparagus but we never got to make it together. Recently,  when I got home after work, I realised I had the necessary ingredients in the fridge and got to cooking because it sounded like a very quick thing to make. And what a wonderful surprise … [Read more...] about Super soup

Benefits of eating seasonally

The wonder of nature is that once we start following its rotation and synchronize our activities to the different energetic periods of various cycles, our lives start flowing with effortless ease. Once we collaborate with nature it will grant us great boons. CRAVINGS Cravings can be good and bad, … [Read more...] about Benefits of eating seasonally

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