Reset for Long Covid

Reset for Long Covid and Other Post Viral Conditions The most extraordinary health event in human history has left its mark in our society in many forms we still cannot even comprehend. One of them, however, is well known to many of us and at least we know someone who has it: the long covid.When … [Read more...] about Reset for Long Covid

Green Magic – The Power of Chlorophyll

Green Magic - The power of chlorophyll The spring has turned into summer. We know this because the leaves in the trees have grown into full size.  Who would have thought we experience three seasons during the lockdown? The start of the lockdown coincided with the start of the annual growth season. … [Read more...] about Green Magic – The Power of Chlorophyll

Ayurvedic Tips for Corona Virus Management

Ayurvedic Corona Virus Management Tips We are witnessing something unique happening to humankind and nature around us. Observing the process unfold moment by moment is humbling. Scary as this all might seem we are already noticing the nature starting to react when there is a reduced … [Read more...] about Ayurvedic Tips for Corona Virus Management

Detoxing is not a myth

Last year an article came out in The Guardian heavily criticising the detox craze and the detox market in general. It was good reading since the market has indeed gone bonkers selling everything under the sky as good for detoxing. Consumers are faced with a dilemma on what products to choose and … [Read more...] about Detoxing is not a myth

Benefits of eating seasonally

The wonder of nature is that once we start following its rotation and synchronize our activities to the different energetic periods of various cycles, our lives start flowing with effortless ease. Once we collaborate with nature it will grant us great boons. CRAVINGS Cravings can be good and bad, … [Read more...] about Benefits of eating seasonally

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