Nature is the best healer – Afterthoughts from our Retreats

NATURE IS THE BEST HEALER - AFTERTHOUGHTS FROM OUR RETREATS What’s the best thing about Nature in your opinion? For me, nature, especially forests and the sea in Finland, Mediterranean and UK are the places where I feel the oneness, the continuum of me and the life around me.Over the years I … [Read more...] about Nature is the best healer – Afterthoughts from our Retreats

Ayurvedic First Aid Kit

Ayurvedic First Aid KitBloating must be the most annoying consequence of eating. Instead of remaining blissfully calm and sharp, you feel heavy and you can’t focus.The result of your food should be energy. If this is not the case, even if you eat plenty and healthily, you need to get the ayurvedic … [Read more...] about Ayurvedic First Aid Kit

Fasting under the Hunger Moon

Let’s talk about fasting since ‘tis the time!Many indigenous cultures described February, the late winter moon cycle, the toughest month of the year in terms of food supply, as Hunger Moon.Very little grows in nature right. Millions of years of foraging life on Earth in cyclic seasonal harvest … [Read more...] about Fasting under the Hunger Moon

Saffron Season

Safron Season   My daughter brought me a beautiful purple crocus from the park. It had a the sweet and light fragrance of saffron. I remembered the times I’ve dreamt about being a farmer in the Mediterranean and particularly a crocus farmer.... My daughter almost got a bollocking for … [Read more...] about Saffron Season

Autumnal Cravings and Aversions

Autumnal Cravings and Aversions   Last night it rained heavily. The sun showed his face in the morning but, nevertheless, it was cold and damp. Autumn has broken the summer’s neck. It felt like on Tuesday we enjoyed our last summery day in Kensal; a heavy damp heat which, for certain, is … [Read more...] about Autumnal Cravings and Aversions

The Ayurvedic Way Of Balancing and Regaining Energy During The Highest Vata Period

Hello Vata my old friend, I’ve come to be with you again…. Oh boy, we are getting closer and closer to the climax of vata! Every time period of the year of a specific dosha exhibits an increasing amount of their characteristic attributes by the end of that period. Summer, the pitta period, is at … [Read more...] about The Ayurvedic Way Of Balancing and Regaining Energy During The Highest Vata Period

Small intermittent fasting

There is a growing interest in the world of science on the gut function, considering the latest discoveries of the importance of our diet and lifestyle on health. Microbiology, with the study of gut biology and how bacteria, viruses and even so called parasites interact to create good digestion and … [Read more...] about Small intermittent fasting

Detoxing is not a myth

Last year an article came out in The Guardian heavily criticising the detox craze and the detox market in general. It was good reading since the market has indeed gone bonkers selling everything under the sky as good for detoxing. Consumers are faced with a dilemma on what products to choose and … [Read more...] about Detoxing is not a myth

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