How to be in the “Now”…. and then what happens?

Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other perfectly, but have you asked why? There are a couple of points to make but one of the main commonalities is that they both aim at helping us acting in the present. In the now we make better decisions and are able to judge the situation for what it is. The … [Read more...] about How to be in the “Now”…. and then what happens?

Dharmic Syncing

DHARMIC SYNCING I saw a young actor recently. Back home, lounging on the couch watching telly I told my partner about this exciting sighting. Somehow, I couldn’t for the world remember his name but, as if by magic, there he was on the TV screen, right at the moment I needed to know his name. What a … [Read more...] about Dharmic Syncing

Small intermittent fasting

There is a growing interest in the world of science on the gut function, considering the latest discoveries of the importance of our diet and lifestyle on health. Microbiology, with the study of gut biology and how bacteria, viruses and even so called parasites interact to create good digestion and … [Read more...] about Small intermittent fasting

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