Messages from the Dark Side

Messages from the dark side This is going to be a confessional post. I often find myself having arguments in my head. I argue mostly with my sister, with my ex and with my partner. If there’s nothing to argue about, my mind invents them and go on creating arguments that never took place. It’s … [Read more...] about Messages from the Dark Side

You can’t eat yourself healthy

The fact of the matter is: you can eat yourself sick but can’t eat yourself back in health. Once unhealthy, there is no way you can keep eating and hoping to get healthy, no matter what you eat. That’s a bit thick coming from me, you might say. I am, after all, claimed to teach people on how … [Read more...] about You can’t eat yourself healthy

How to be in the “Now”…. and then what happens?

Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other perfectly, but have you asked why? There are a couple of points to make but one of the main commonalities is that they both aim at helping us acting in the present. In the now we make better decisions and are able to judge the situation for what it is. The … [Read more...] about How to be in the “Now”…. and then what happens?

Dharmic Syncing

DHARMIC SYNCING I saw a young actor recently. Back home, lounging on the couch watching telly I told my partner about this exciting sighting. Somehow, I couldn’t for the world remember his name but, as if by magic, there he was on the TV screen, right at the moment I needed to know his name. What a … [Read more...] about Dharmic Syncing

Saffron Season

Safron Season   My daughter brought me a beautiful purple crocus from the park. It had a the sweet and light fragrance of saffron. I remembered the times I’ve dreamt about being a farmer in the Mediterranean and particularly a crocus farmer.... My daughter almost got a bollocking for … [Read more...] about Saffron Season

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