I saw a young actor recently. Back home, lounging on the couch watching telly I told my partner about this exciting sighting. Somehow, I couldn’t for the world remember his name but, as if by magic, there he was on the TV screen, right at the moment I needed to know his name. What a nice coincidence!

Yesterday, I was walking back from home, wondering how my friend was and the second I turned the corner, there she was, ready to update me on her life events. How nice was that!?

Also, for some quirky coincidence, both me and my partner have looked at the time exactly at 11.11am several times within the last few weeks! We’ve been taking screenshot and sending them to each other every time it happens. Moreover, many nights we’ve ended up turning the lights off exactly at 22.22. Bizarre! Or is it?

There is an explanation to these surprising coincidences and I’m going to crack it open by explaining what constructive interference is. Sounds ominous but stay with me and learn how and why the magic of the universe manifests and what it has to do with something called dharma.

Constructive interference is easily explained by waves on the surface of the water. If you drop two identical sized rocks in water from the same height, the likelihood is that they create the same size of wave around them. Travelling away from the centre, the waves eventually meet and by this contact they amplify each other. If the waves are not identical in frequency (the wave length) they cancel each other. This would be called destructive interference.

What does all this have to do with those weird coincidences? In Ayurveda we talk about living in sync with nature. This means being in harmony with the rhythmic changing of nature, the days and seasons mainly. The lives of all beings have been designed to flow in pace with the ever changing, yet systemic set up, created by the relationship of the Earth with the Sun. Nature has designed our bodymind to work on a clock and when we do things at the right time, live our lives as intended for human beings, we are transmitting on Mother Nature’s frequency. The result is an amplification of life experience. Something magical happens. You start getting messages that she’s there with you. A communion of fun and joy is established and life goes in a flow. You’re grooving with the Universe. The message is: you’re on the right path.

When you are on the right path you are living a dharmic life. Dharma is often associated  with your vocation or finding your thing and yes, it is part of it. Living a dharmic life, however, does not necessarily mean you’ve found the thing you are looking for.  If it still hasn’t happened, nothing to worry about, you can be fully dharmic in the meantime. Dharma implies living life as intended as a human being, a member of the Earth community. Finding harmony by living seasonally, having daily rhythms and healthy habits, maintaining loving kindness as a guiding line for thoughts, speech and action. Creating good karma, in other words. That’s all dharmic living. Finding your thing, might happen when you hit 70.

Amplifying your life experience does not come for free. If you sit on the couch and expect life to happen to you there’s very little chance it will happen. You will need to make an effort. Once that effort is made, and you keep on making it, the rewards are multiple, eventually ending in a joyful flow of life that really makes it worth living. You are the master of your life which gives you the free will but also responsibilities. Mother Nature has designed a pattern for you and you either follow it or not. You need to take care of yourself first, then the others, flora and fauna included. You need to find the right rhythms and patterns for you as an individual in this ever-changing world so you can start working with the universe. When you do that, she’ll return the favour, providing you the joy of funny coincidences and solutions to get where you want to be.

I’m telling you all this because it is my personal experience. Ayurveda has opened my eyes to understand the order of nature and how to harness its forces. However, I do fall off the wagon occasionally and by my own choice! For example, I might go on holidays which put my body clocks out of whack and set me off by eating and drinking too much. Stressful life events can take me to places where I get anxious and stressed out, where I feel like withdrawing and burying my head in the sand. That’s life and the thing that makes it all manageable is that I know I can always climb back on the wagon and align with the rhythms of nature. Soon I feel well again, my heart starts transmitting on the right frequency and the magic re-appears.

Nature will never close the door on us. Dharmic syncing is always possible and the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to be perfect with it. However, the more you do it the better it gets.



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