Ayurvedic First Aid Kit

Bloating must be the most annoying consequence of eating. Instead of remaining blissfully calm and sharp, you feel heavy and you can’t focus.

The result of your food should be energy. If this is not the case, even if you eat plenty and healthily, you need to get the ayurvedic First Aid Kit for Digestion out. It contains fasting, sips of hot water and cardamom.



You can’t heal your bloating or any other digestive problem by eating more. Some of you might say it does help regurgitation and yes, for a moment but it does not resolve the problem. For acidity, you need to fast because the acid is caused mainly by fermentation of food that stays too long in your gut.

Your gut can only heal and improve its functionality if it is empty for at least 4 hours between meals and especially, fast in the evenings. Morning fasts are just damage control for the load of food that has been eaten late. If you want to heal and control weigh, evening should be your fasting focus.

Hot water

Whilst fasting, you can take sips of hot water once every 10 minutes. Hot water helps the food to move down as it relaxes gut walls. It also stimulates digestive enzyme activity and removes excess mucous. It calms down the nerves lining the gut wall thus reducing chances of cramps and spasms.



This spice is the most powerful little package for digestive relief. The etheric oils are muscle relaxants, it reduces excess mucous, kindles up your digestive fire, lowers down inflammation and is also breath freshener. Keep pods in your pocket or anywhere easy to reach. Crush the seeds from inside the pod between your teeth to a fine powder and sip hot water on top.

Resolving digestive problems is not very difficult, however, the solutions usually require you to make behavioural changes. It’s not the food, but how and when you eat it. Changing mealtimes, emphasising lunch instead of dinner, eating slowly and without stress, chewing, chewing, and again, chewing. First aid kit is for emergencies. If you have bloating and other digestive problems, the first thing is to simplify, eat slowly and chew like you never chewed before. Avoid creating the reason for getting the kit out.  

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