Ayurvedic Corona Virus Management Tips

We are witnessing something unique happening to humankind and nature around us. Observing the process unfold moment by moment is humbling. Scary as this all might seem we are already noticing the nature starting to react when there is a reduced interference and less obstacles and containment of its forces. I just saw a video of hundreds and hundreds of monkeys in Thailand able to run around the town free from human threat. I also saw images of canals in Venice running crystal clear water. We are seeing a rapid change at global level as a collective experience and I think this might be something to appreciate especially if nature is concerned. The situation is not pleasant from where I stand as a business owner however, I am curious to see what impact this all has on nature. Mother Earth is being given a moment of respite. Let’s wait and see how she will express her true beauty of abundance once humans stop trying to rule over her

Another observation of mine about this situation, looking at the maps of epicentres of the virus, is that the virus has mainly hit areas of the first world, or industrial world. Looks like the third world countries have suffered much less impact from the virus, as of yet. This might be because there are no clear statistics from these areas but still, it makes me wonder. It’s difficult to guess what will be, however, the way the virus is propagating seems to be testimony of the reduced level of immunity that first world populations possess at this moment in comparison to the developing countries. This is a generalisation, but I cannot help but conclude that this could be the evidence of our reduced defences due to poor dietary and lifestyle habits, stress and environmental toxins. Our bodies are becoming impoverished soil that cannot efficiently fight the pests attacking it.


Considering this is a whole new scenario for anyone on this Earth there is no advice from me that would pacify your minds. Still, we can manage the symptoms of the virus and its consequences in a best possible way. Here’s a couple of tips from me to lessen the symptoms and pain.


  • Don’t resist. The more you resist and get involved in fear and pain the more they grow in intensity. This doesn’t mean you don’t act to help yourself and others. Follow the general hygiene guidelines given and adhere to the instructions to restrict further spreading and try not to get involved in the fear game and accept the situation as it is
  • Coronavirus has features of vata disorder. Breathing difficulties and dry cough require the following remedies
  • Stay warm, especially in the kidney and lung area. Make sure lower back is not exposed and that you wear a scarf or halter neck pullover
  • Avoid honey. It is drying/dehydrating and makes wheezing worse. Use maple syrup or raw sugar as a sweetener
  • Take turmeric. It is, amongst all other things, a natural antihistamine and dilates bronchi, the air passages in the lungs. Take it in medicinal dosages (5g/teaspoonful) with some fat and black pepper. Turmeric latte will do with 1 tsp of ghee or coconut oil and a pinch of pepper. Mix in a blender
  • Take liquorice. It can be used as a sweetener in powder form, as a tea (I recommend Pukka Herbs Peppermint and Liquorice) or eaten as bars
  • Avoid alcohol. It can give you a temporary relief as it relaxes the nervous system and makes it easier to breathe but it also reduces your immunity and messes up the bacterial balance
  • Fast in the evenings after 5pm. Digestion takes all your energy, but you need it for healing. Eat at 9am, 12pm and 5pm. You don’t have to limit calorie intake, just not eat in the evening
  • Sip hot water every ten minutes. This will keep the gut moving, hydrates you properly, detoxifies and reduces tension in the body
  • Keep a hot water bottle near your lungs to help breathing

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