Warm and Heavy Comforts


Autumn is the season of withdrawal. It makes you want to put warm slippers on and enjoy a warm cuppa on the couch. After a long period of growth and production in spring and summer, nature is preparing to rest and gather strength for the growth season ahead in spring. The climate is always changing but something remains constant and that is the repeating sequence of seasons. No matter how warm or cool our climate gets, we cannot change the order of appearance of seasons.

Each repeating season brings along qualities of its own kind. With recurrence there is predictability and predictability in its turn allows prevention. We know well how winter is cooler than summer, spring brings warmer rains and autumn is the time of shedding leaves, hibernating and saving energy. Knowing the qualities of each season we can prevent seasonal disorders.

In my last message I already discussed how the qualities of each season determine our cravings and aversions. They guide our behaviour which, in a set rotational appearance, create patterns which manifest in our conscious and unconscious choices for food and activities.

The autumn qualities of cold, dry and light create cravings for warm comforts, cosy nights and hearty heavy food, both sweet and savoury. Food is a stabiliser for an anxious mind as it is both nourishing and comforting. Best seasonal foods now are full of proteins and fat that keep our nervous systems pacified.

Seasonal disorders present themselves mainly in our nervous system. Sensation of pain is more heightened now. Headaches and joint pains are more prominent in this period. Dryness of winter might manifest in constipation, irritation,

itching, split fingertips and dry mucous membranes. Seasonal affective disorder, insomnia, anxiety and general feeling of instability is how late autumn and winter can assault the mind.

Resorting to diet and lifestyle that counteracts these tendencies is essential. The task is not difficult. Mother Nature provides all necessary items and important nutrients in her seasonal produce.  Everything that grows in late summer and autumn is heavy in quality. You notice it because these items sink in water. Spring food, light in quality, floats. Heavy foods are also dense in nutrients. Cook these foods with a hefty amount of good fats such as organic ghee and if you are an omnivore, you can add a bit of meat. Otherwise always add some pulses in your meals. Increased fat and protein intake is necessary, as mentioned earlier. As for spices all spices are good but be mindful not to overdo it with chilli. Just a pinch is enough now as it irritates the nerves.

Finally, an addition of fermented foods in your meals is highly beneficial in order to help your friendly bacteria to grow. They are excellent in increasing your defences against unfriendly microbes and also contribute to your vitamin C reserves. Ferments should be a condiment in your food, not the main course. They are highly heating, acidic and tamasic in energetic terms. A spoonful at every meal is enough. Options to consider are sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, cheese and chutneys.

Another way of counteracting seasonal tendencies for imbalance is to have a calming and relaxing massage. Full body massage with warm nourishing oils can do magic to both body and mind. An hour session can change the tide dramatically creating a calm, focused state of being in a relaxed and vital body. Check out our seasonal offer with our new covid safe infrared mini sauna on the couch after the treatment.


Stay warm and healthy!

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