Roughage for Lady Gaga?
Seasonal cravings

You must be wondering why Lady Gaga likes it rough?
Well, of course, Ayurveda has the answer: Lady Gaga has seasonal cravings! In spring, roughage is essential in our diet because of the tough insoluble fibres, which clean the gut and help pull out all of the old fat and debris. So, the Lady should have beans, greens and other dry items, if she likes it rough so much!


Legumes (beans and lentils) are available all year round because you can store them throughout the year. So what makes legumes seasonal and how can we get our fix on our seasonal cravings?
Well it is simply the way that we prepare them. These little packages of nourishment are acidic when closed in their capsule but become alkalizing when they are activated and sprouted. That makes legumes perfect for aligning with ideal seasonal pH balances. During spring and summer, we need to alkalize, and in winter we need that acidity. In fact this is what nature is doing with seeds in general. They open and activate in spring and keep on doing it throughout the summer until they reach a full size as a plant, giving away its own seed. That seed will lodge in a position for the winter to be activated in the new season of growth.


Greens are also available throughout the year because of their long growth season which extends from spring to late autumn. In some areas greens are available throughout the year. In spring, however, greens provide that roughage as they are fibrous plants. Greens also supply us with chlorophyll which helps, amongst other things, adjust our skin to the increasing amount of sun.

Dry items

Roughage is found in foods such as muesli and many other dry items we have in our kitchen. The dryer the food, the more it pulls liquids into the gut during digestion. Pasta is not ideal in spring because it is too heavy but, if you have it well al dente and it maintains some dryness, then it will help in reducing liquid retention at least.

Dry foods are difficult to digest if the body is dehydrated because there is no water left for digestion. Spring is the time when the body tends to be a bit overflowing with excess liquids, just like the earth as levels of water start rising in the soil to help the growth of plants. Therefore, it is good to have those dry and rough items in our diet to help to keep the body in balance.

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