Advanced soft tissue release for Ayurvedic massage therapists

Price: £350

Next Date: 4-5 February

Ayurvedic massage is based on moving vital force, prana, to enhance healing and relaxation. Circular and longitudinal movements guide prana to follow pathways of the body that have correlation with fascial lines and meridians (nadis). They can have a strong effect of releasing deep seated patterns that have set in tissues by structural damage or by mental impressions. The strokes are either slow or fast, light or strong in pressure, depending on clients’ individual needs and treatment method. Release is achieved by moving along the muscle fibre, the way prana naturally flows.

An ayurvedic massage therapist is a facilitator to allow body’s own repairing mechanisms to take place. In this course we learn to integrate soft tissue manipulation techniques into abhyanga sequence (full body massage), develop practical and theoretical skills to powerfully release tension in skeletal muscles and fascia. You will learn myofascial release techniques and muscle energy techniques that benefit from the body’s own mechanisms to stretch at deep level. The combination of work from both physical and energetic plains will give you an ability to deliver sustainable freedom from tension for your clients.

We will learn

  • Principles of soft tissue therapy
  • Assessment of soft tissues
  • How to manage inflammation
  • Treatment modalities to support soft tissue repair

Entry requirements:

This course is for trained ayurveda therapists and practitioners with minimum L3 knowledge in anatomy and physiology.

To book, contact Anu Paavola

Anu Paavola

Anu Paavola, B. Sc (Hons) Ayurveda, MAPA

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