When you are asked: ‘how do you feel?’ your mind returns to the present moment immediately because that’s the only place a feeling can be caught.

What is the best way to spend our days?

It’s being in the now, of course. But, do you know how to be in the now, all the time? Has anyone told you how to avoid worrying about the future and/or ruminate on the past?

The key for being and, most importantly, staying in the now, is to learn how to focus. If you were taught, when growing up, how to focus you might be one of those few rare lucky ones. We are generally not taught how to focus. We are, instead, often told to focus but never taught how to. Focus is essential to be in the now.

What does focusing mean?

It means moving from one action to another with awareness. It is the opposite of random action. Distraction happens when you engage in activities without making a conscious decision on it. Repeatedly reaching out to your mobile phone, driving without concentrating, eating mindlessly plus all the many other activities we carry out are often done without being present and without making a conscious move towards these actions.

Once you start focusing and deciding on your next action you will immediately take hold of the present and stay there… for a little while. Your mind can easily take hold but you can always take it back to mindful action.

So, what happens in the now?

Thoughts take a second seat and we get filled by feelings and now I’m getting to the point of this article.

Being in the now allows us to tap into all the feelings the body sends us but we also feel our environment.  When you are asked: ‘how do you feel?’ your mind returns to the present moment immediately because that’s the only place a feeling can be caught.

Ayurvedic living makes you constantly ask yourself how you are feeling. Is this feeling comfortable, are you well? If so, then do keep at it. If any particular feeling is uncomfortable, do something. Find an opposite feeling and get back to your wellbeing. For example: if you feel anxious and fearful, get someone to hug you and tell you everything is going to be ok. Or, if you feel heavy then go for a good brisk walk and lightness starts increasing. If your skin is dry, moisturise and there, relief.  

The feelings define our wellbeing. Our environment stimulates a constant feed of qualities (hot, cold, heavy, light, dry, moist…) that become feelings, the most basic ones being ‘I like it / I don’t like it’. We react to everything with this basic pair of like and dislike. When we like, we are at ease in wellbeing. When something stirs us up the body tenses up in preparation for the challenge. Tension and ease in constant flux depending on how we feel about thing that we encounter.

Ayurvedic life aims at being mostly at ease and not to lose the cool when tension arises. Being focused and living in the present moment is what gives us perspective and more handle on reality. Past and future can mess up with our perception to such extent that even the most insignificant stimuli become a cause for losing it.

Learning to be focused is something I teach in our meditation classes on Friday mornings. Come and learn a super easy technique which can change your life and allow you to return to the now anytime and anywhere.

Email me on anu@jivitaayurveda.com to reserve your place. It’s only £10 and you also get a bit of chai. 

You can also consider taking an Ayurvedic education journey  in our Jivita Academy programs for self-development or professional qualification. 

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