I’ve just burped up the aftertaste of some most excellent seasonal delights. You may say yuk but wait a moment: this is the best burp in the world, the one that brings back in the mouth the flavour of the most excellent food I’ve just enjoyed. It extends my dining experience a bit further, tickling my palate and satisfying my need to reach out for more. The meal was deliciously pungent, bitter and and hot. Just the way spring food should be.

Ayurvedically, burp is one of the signs you’ve had enough.

The meal in question was steamed purple sprouting broccoli tops with crushed toasted and salted almonds crowned with a thick wild garlic pesto from our garden. This is me in heaven.

Green is the colour of the season. We easily crave crunchy things in spring so a handful of (out of season) salted marcona almonds work fine. Toasted sunflower seeds, pine nuts or walnuts would work even better but almonds are what I have at hand.

Preparation is simple: just steam or oven roast the broccoli with salt, olive oil and chilli flakes. Then add crushed almonds, splash of balsamic vinegar and salt to season. The magic on these sprouting greens is the wild garlic pesto. Having picked up the leaves with roots from our garden, I mixed them with lemon and sunflower oil, then salted and peppered. A good dollop of this majestically intense green sauce went on to of the broccoli and down in my throat. It finally provided a satisfying “I’ve-had-enough’ burp.

The post prandial burp is a sign of satiety your body expresses after a meal. It is a healthy thing and if it brings a sweet memory of the meal you just enjoyed, you are on the path to good digestion. Bad taste, excess burping and other discomfort signals the opposite. Sour, acidic tastes show you you’ve done something wrong. But, let’s not elaborate on that now, just savour this bitter, pungent and sweet memory of broccoli and wild garlic.

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